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The Burp Society at Van Gogh is Bipolar

After months of waiting and planning for our second meet-up, finally, we booked for dinner for 10 ka-burps at Van Gogh is Bipolar. It was on a rainy night, June 22nd, a Saturday, but the downpour didn’t affect our overall experience at one of the must-visit restaurants in the Metro.

Van Gogh is Bipolar at Maginhawa Street

Ken and I were determined to set our second meet-up at Van Gogh is Bipolar. We learned about it through a friend and from all the reviews we read about the restaurant, we became more convinced that VGIB is the perfect venue for our next meet-up.

Van Gogh is Bipolar is an artsy restaurant, owned by Jetro Rafael, an artist who’s been dealing with bipolar disorder and learned he can improve his mood through food, ingredients that will make him happy. He decided to share his diet, with a nudge from his friends, through this restaurant.

Jetro Rafael - the guy behind Van Gogh is Bipolar

Out of the 10 who RSVPd yes to join the dinner, only 9 of us were there because of the rain. The dinner was a set menu, a prix fixe at Php 999. Pricey, you’d think, but the experience was well worth it. 🙂

The kitchen window and absinthe at Van Gogh is Bipolar

You can read our full review of Van Gogh is Bipolar on our food blog. What we’re sharing here is the overall experience of The Burp Society at the restaurant.

Jetro is a very gracious host and he made us feel welcome. He came to us, explaining what the dishes were all about – the reasoning behind each ingredient he used. He showed us how to enjoy the AXL Rose Egg Shot.

Jetro showing us how to prepare the AXL Rose Egg Shot

And told us to do whatever we feel with the Larry Flynt Cabbage Experience.

Larry Flynt's Cabbage Experience at Van Gogh is Bipolar

We all had fun composing our own cabbage wraps and preparing our egg shots. Check out these photos below.

The Burp Society enjoying the AXL Rose Egg Shot at Van Gogh is Bipolar


Busy preparing their cabbage wraps

We chose between the ‘happy’ (fish-based) and ‘chill’ (meat-based) dish.

The Chill dish at Van Gogh is Bipolar - turkey creamy pasta[4]

Van Gogh is Bipolar's Happy dish

And we ended the night with Mel Gibson’s Darkest Sin – a shot of absinthe in a test tube, paired with dark chocolate with walnut. Jetro’s friend, his mistress for that night, showed us how to take it up a notch by lighting up the absinthe.

Mel Gibson's Darkest Sin at Van Gogh is Bipolar

It was truly a one-of-a-kind experience, with moments you wouldn’t live through anywhere else.

We wore hats and we had fun with them, especially Ruth who wore that blinking headband. 😀

Fancy hats at Van Gogh is Bipolar

The Burp Society wearing different hats

We walked barefoot inside the restaurant.

Barefoot inside Van Gogh is Bipolar

We have an area reserved just for The Burp Society – the shoe garden!

The shoe garden at Van Gogh is Bipolar

We had an amazing time and it was fun meeting everyone. It was especially enjoyable because of Sevie and her friend, Alwin, Ruth, Badeth and Isabel. Too bad Ken wasn’t able to join.

The Burp Society at Van Gogh is Bipolar

Again, for our full Van Gogh is Bipolar review, check Certified Foodies. And we hope you’d join us on our next meet-ups. 🙂

Van Gogh is Bipolar House Rules