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The Burp Society’s Baking Class at The Maya Kitchen

Our third The Burp Society meet-up was a success!! Thanks to The Maya Kitchen for making this possible and for the memorable and fun experience of learning how to bake, with the help of their Culinary Director Ms. Rory Subida.

Chocolate chip cookies baked by Ms. Rory

The Burp Society and Ms Rory at The Maya Kitchen

The exclusive baking class was in the works for almost 3 months. Since we’ve had meet-ups before at restaurants, we figured it’ll be nice to organize a different kind of get-together for our third meet-up. We sent The Maya Kitchen our ideas and they gladly helped us finalize the details as to when and what we’ll be preparing at the class.

We chose a basic baking class although Ken is well-experienced in baking since I know many ka-Burps would be interested in it. And I was glad to see that there were a total of 20 ka-Burps who showed up for the class, ready to learn more about how to bake goodies.

Maya Kitchen display of products

Aside from being a well-known brand for home cooks, Maya has been teaching people how to bake and cook for years now through The Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center. And what we love about them is they’re offering culinary and baking courses at affordable rates compared to other culinary schools, so they were our best choice for our first exclusive baking class for The Burp Society.

Inside the Maya Kitchen

We started the class with baking demos from Ms. Rory where she showed us how to make chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, chocolate cupcakes and choux pastry (for eclairs and cream puffs).

The Burp Society watching Ms. Rory Subida's baking demo

Mise en place for the baking demo

Ms. Rory Subida baking demo The Burp Society ready for the baking demo

Ms. Rory showing us we can freeze the cookie dough we prepared

Ms. Rory Subida baking demo

Ms Rory preparing the cupcake mixture

The Burp Society busy listening to the baking class

Ms. Rory showing us how to make eclairs and cream puffs

We got to sample all of them afterwards, and we were all giddy with excitement to put all the knowledge into use at the hands-on baking.

Chocolate cupcakes - yum!

Chocolate cupcakes

Cream puffs made by Ms. Rory

Ms. Rory asked us to count down so we’ll be divided into 4, which required everyone to mingle with each other. We’re glad everyone was open to the idea and they were all having a really good time. 🙂

Here are all the photos of the ka-Burps while they were busy preparing their goodies:


Group 1 topping their cupcakes with icing

Group 1 already started baking

Grace and Roan showing off their baked goodies

Group 1 with their overloaded apple pie



Group 2 at work

Iana and her Junior Chef


GROUP 3’s PHOTOS: Ken was helping out his group, showing them a few tips here and there.

Group 3 showing off their baked goodies

Ken sharing some tips to his group

Preparing the chocolate cupcakes

Group 3 preparing their cupcakes and apple pie[4]


Group 4 with Ms. Rory

My teammates from Group 4 got busy too

And more photos… You can see all the photos we took on The Burp Society’s Facebook page.

The Burp Society busy preparing their goodies

We're proud of our work

The Reunion - Jasmin and Jan

And here are the finished products. We got to take home all of these.

Overloaded apple pie from Group 1

Group 2's apple pie

Group 3's apple pie

My group's apple pie

Cream puff by Sevie

Beautiful cupcakes from Group 2

Ken's group's chocolate cupcakes

Too bad the apple pie had to be all mushed up into plastic bags and our boxes. I completely forgot to tell everyone to bring their own containers, so thankfully, The Maya Kitchen had small plastic boxes for sale that we could use to take home our sinful creations.

All in all, it was an absolutely amazing time learning how to bake at The Maya Kitchen. They’re well-equipped and, since Ms. Rory has been doing this for a long time, she knows very well how to run a successful culinary school.

After the class, everyone was very happy and they were already asking us about the next baking class. Hopefully, we could organize another one with The Maya Kitchen because it was an unforgettable experience.

We blogged about the whole experience on our food blog – The Maya Kitchen baking class with The Burp Society.

Oh, by the way, here are the first ka-Burps to receive the TBS shirts. We only give this to those who have attended at least 2 meet-ups. 🙂

First recipients of The Burp Society shirts

Thank you to all the ka-Burps who joined us. To those who weren’t able to come this time, no worries! We’ve got more fun activities and meet-ups planned for The Burp Society. So, stay tuned! 🙂

The Burp Society's group photo