We BURP, therefore we are.

We're food lovers and new friends. Follow us as we eat, drink & burp our way
to discovering more yummy places in the Philippines. Join us! Or invite us!

Invite Us!

We started The Burp Society in the hopes of meeting and getting together with new friends who also love food and cooking. With them, we want to discover really good restaurants or hole-in-the-wall food places in and around the Philippines. We have our own to-visit list for our upcoming meet-ups, but if you’d like to invite us to your restaurant, hotel, bar or food stop, we’d be more than happy to consider you for our next venue.

Please take note that when we say invite us to your restaurant, we didn’t mean offer us a free meal. That is not the purpose of our foodie meet-up group. That is why we ask those who are joining TBS (The Burp Society) their usual budget when they dine out. In a way, we want to help the industry too.

Also, we’re not limiting our meet-ups / activities to just food places. Our ka-Burps are open to anything food-related like cooking courses, fiesta, a potluck get-together or a cook-off. Feel free to email us your fun ideas! 🙂

We do accept generous invitations to complimentary lunch or dinner for our group. So, it’s all up to you if you’d like to treat us to a good meal, or you can help us set up a family-style meal or a foodie meet-up at your restaurant. However, please take note that we won’t be able to accommodate all invitations.

All The Burp Society meet-ups will be featured here and our food blog, Certified Foodies, and will also be mentioned in our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter).

Please take note that not all TBS members are bloggers. Most of them are non-blogging foodies who want to join us in our food adventures. With that said, we can’t deny the fact that word-of-mouth promotion can just be as effective. 🙂

If you’d like to invite us to a complimentary lunch, dinner or cocktails, see below:

  • Email us with your invitation, with details and how many people you can accommodate.
  • Please include your menu, social media links, food photos, and/or promos you’re offering.
  • Your restaurant will get extra social media love, of course. 🙂
  • Feature will be posted on Certified Foodies and here on TBS’ blog.

If you’d like us to set up a custom meet-up at your restaurant:

  • Tell us what you’re planning to do or what you’re hoping to promote.
  • We would prefer a family-style meal, so everyone in the group will be tasting the same dishes.
    OR set menus to give our members options.
  • You can choose to give us discounts if you’d like, a group rate or a special price for a family-style meal. This is not a requirement, but will be greatly appreciated. 🙂
  • Send us your menu, social media links, and/or food photos.

Here’s our email address:

Thanks for reading!